The Liberty BASIC 5 Handbook
an unofficial reference for Liberty BASIC programmers

This wiki is temporarily closed to public editing. When Liberty BASIC 5 has progressed to public testing, the wiki will again be open to editing by the community.

Most pages tagged 'a' through 'k' have been filled in. Many pages tagged 'c', 'd' and 'l' through 'z' need to be completed.


Welcome to The Liberty BASIC 5 Handbook. This handbook is maintained by the community of programmers who enjoy Liberty BASIC. It is to be used as an adjunct to the Liberty BASIC helpfile. Here you will find a page for each Liberty BASIC command, statement, function and special variable. Each topic includes documentation, as well as sample code, hints, notes, "gotchas", bugs and workarounds provided by the Liberty BASIC community.

You can browse topics from the alphabetic list of keywords on the left navigation pane or by selecting one of the CONTENTS pages. You can search for a specific term by typing it into the 'search' box on the upper part of the left navigation pane, then clicking on the arrow next to the box.


Under Construction!

Please bear with us during this initial phase. We hope to have the Handbook in a useful, if not complete, form by the time Liberty BASIC 5 is an official, public release. We need the help of all Liberty BASIC programmers, so please contribute! See Adding Content to learn how to edit this Handbook.


Adding Content

All Liberty BASIC programmers may edit/modify pages to correct errors or to add information. To do so, click the EDIT button on a page. The editor window is similar to Wordpad and it is very easy to use. Type your changes, then click the 'Save' button.

Some pages have not yet been completed. Help us by clicking the EDIT button on such pages to add information and code. Browse completed pages to see the general format for topics and copy that format as much as possible.

Try to keep descriptions concise and use the proper terminology. See the Liberty BASIC helpfile topic if you need guidance.

Do not simply copy and paste from the Liberty BASIC helpfile. Small quotations from the helpfile are acceptable, but it is best to paraphrase and expand on the explanations in the helpfile.

Add "gotchas", hints and more complicated discussions and code to the bottom part of the topic, under "notes".

Please do not modify the tags for wiki pages. The tagging system is used to index the pages for navigation purposes. Thanks.

To request additional pages to be added to this handbook, use the discussion page.

This is a reference, not a tutorial.

The pages on this wiki are meant as reference materials, not as tutorials or technical articles. Feel free to link to in-depth articles in the body of the topic pages or at the bottom, as needed. Consider linking to articles at the Liberty BASIC Programmer's Encyclopedia

Who Can Edit?

This wiki can be edited by the public. This site does not require or accept members. Every visitor can edit unlocked pages. Locked pages are indicated by a padlock icon. Discussion


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